“Persuasive and lushly detailed.” – The New York Times

“Uncommonly interesting and intelligent.” – The Washington Post

“Inspired [and] invigorating.” – Harper’s

“Brook presents an interesting thesis about the city’s role in fomenting political change in the modern era.” – The New Yorker

“The pleasure in Mr. Brook’s unusual history is in his descriptions of the creation of these cities. The deeper message, though, is about the tensions such cities create.” – Wall Street Journal

“In these deft [urban] portraits…journalist Brook (The Trap) artfully condenses and illustrates three centuries of revolutionary urban development and globalizing impulses.” – Publishers Weekly   

“An intimate, canny comparative study of four of the great world cities—St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Mumbai and Dubai. . . . [With an]accessible, entertaining generalist’s perspective . . . Brook looks at these metropolises as a testament to human imagination and as a barometer of future promise. . . . Enormously elucidating and relevant.” – Kirkus Reviews


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